How to store potting soil indoors, in a protective container and big thin plastic bags?

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Quite often, gardeners have to leave the potting soil left after planting for the next season. However, potting must be stored properly. You can read more about how to store potting soil in this article.

how to store potting soil

How to store potting soil?

Before proceeding to the question of “how do you store soil for later use”, you need to learn a few basic rules. Before the onset of autumn, you need to prepare the room, and then place bags of earth in it. Quite often, gardeners wonder, can you save unused potting soil?

If there are bags of potting soil left that you didn’t use, they keep well until the next season.

You can store them in a garage or garden shed.

Try to keep all the supplies in one place so that in the spring you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching. There are several rules regarding the winter storage of soil.

Soil bag inspection

Packages must be inspected before they are sent for storage. It is not recommended to send open bags with purchased potting soil for storage because you risk provoking its contamination, so it is not usable.

It is important to look at the expiration dates that are written on the packages. If you store open bags, they should be free of dirt and insects. If contamination is suspected, do not use potting soil if possible.

Check the dryness of the potting soil

The potting soil must be dry. This prevents mold and mildew. Before being sent to storage, the bags should be aired for several days, shaking occasionally. This dries them out.

Preservation of the original potting soil bag

It is important to store potting soil in its original packaging. This lets you know the composition as well as the expiration date.

Often, all plastic potting soil bags in which potting soil is supplied are of excellent quality. They have a label on them. If you have small potting soil bags, they should be airtight.

Most of the potting soil bags are tight and well-made. If the package has a zipper, that’s even better. After all, you know for sure that the potting soil remains clean and dry.

How to store potting soil: packaging

Most of the plastic bags in which the potting mix is sold are not suitable for long-term storage.

After all, there is a high probability that children or animals damage them. Storing potting soil in tight containers is better.

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How to choose a solid container?

Most gardeners prefer to use solid-colored and dense containers that protect the contents from the sun’s rays.

You can use transparent containers, which facilitate the inspection of the contents. The choice depends on your preference.

It is better to choose containers that are durable and water-resistant. They must have tight lids. An inexpensive and excellent option would be plastic containers, which are easy to find.

Wooden containers can leak moisture. Not the best option would be ceramics that are not glazed. You can opt for metal containers.

Tank and lid cleaning

To begin with, the containers need to be cleaned and dried.

There must be no contamination inside. Be sure to sterilize the container to prevent bacteria, viruses, and fungi from contaminating the potting soil.

Disinfection can be carried out with ordinary bleach. You can also use special cleaning wipes.

Putting the potting mix in a container

Many people ask, how do you store an open bag of potting soil? Air must be removed from open bags, and then closed with tape.

You can pour the potting mix into bags that have a zipper. Place the bags in the container and close the lid tightly.

If you are not afraid that several substrates mix, you can combine them all in one container.

However, it is best to keep separate storage. The main thing is that the storage is airtight.

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How to store potting soil: unusual storage methods

There are a few more original ideas for storing potting soil. You can store it in a small shed, where there is a worktable, sinks, and several utility cabinets.

Some gardeners prefer to store potting soil in a garden shed.

For your convenience, you can equip shelves and hooks in the barn, where the packages are stored. Pots with filled bags can be stored on a large workbench.

How to store potting soil in winter

Several ways are designed to store potting soil in winter.

The composition of potting mix

First, you need to mix it with sphagnum, chopped bark, and coconut fiber. You can add some perlite and sand.

Such actions help the potting soil storage for a long time. After all, it is very loose, so potting mix does not accumulate bacteria and viruses.

Potential problems during the store potting soil

It is important to be aware of certain problems that may arise during potting mix storage. The main problem is that pathogens can develop inside the potting soil, as well as various kinds of pollution. This happens if the winter is long, and you started planting at the wrong time.

Insect eggs may also appear inside, which then begin to hatch. Because of this, the potting soil quickly becomes infected and is unsuitable for further use. Therefore, it is important to periodically inspect the soil.

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Selection of containers for winter storage

In winter, the potting soil storage must be in high-quality storage containers. This is because temperatures are quite low during the winter season. Therefore, plastic bags are not the best option. When exposed to frost, they can crack. Choose airtight food storage containers that are durable.

How to store potting soil: step-by-step instruction

Many people wonder, how do you store potting soil long term? There are a few tips that are relevant for winter potting soil storage. First, the potting mix must be dried. The opened potting soil bags must dry out for several days.

Then fill the storage containers with potting soil, and cover them with a lid. For added security, seal the cover with a special rubberized sealant.

Do not place containers in places with high humidity because this can provoke infection by pests, bacteria, and fungi.

To keep the potting soil longer, try to pack it additionally in a small plastic bag. This provides additional protection.

Storage of used potting soil

It is not recommended to store potting soil that has already been used. This is because the plants have already absorbed all the nutrients and humus from it. However, the soil you use is a great solution if you plan to plant beets, carrots, and other slow-growing plants in the spring.

Often, the potting soil that has already been used can increase the germination of sowing plants.

This soil can be used if the lawn has begun to suffer from attacks by moles and dogs.

Potting soil that has been used is a great option for growing free plants. After that, they delight you with a pleasant and desired result.

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How to rejuvenate used potting soil?

If you suspect that the potting soil you are using is deficient in nutrients, you can rejuvenate it a bit. For this, mixing with other materials and fertilizers is carried out. An alternative is a situation where the old soil is laid on the bottom of the container. New soil needs to be poured on top.

Soil disinfection

It is important to disinfect the old potting soil in advance. This requires heat treatment. This allows you to destroy all harmful bacteria and viruses so that plants planted in the spring are healthy. To destroy all pathogens, it is recommended to carry out processing at a temperature of 120℉.

You can also put the potting soil that has been in use in a plastic bag. After that, it must be placed in a translucent container in which the soil is stored. You have to place the container in clear and hot weather under open sunlight. Once the soil has been thermally affected, a new potting mix can be added to it.

Therefore, you should always have a bag of fresh potting soil in stock so that the soil is fertile and contributes to seed germination in the future. This helps to restore and store enough soil that has been in use.

Loose potting soil storage

You must read about the principles of storage of bulk potting soil. If you have excess bulk potting soil, you should make sure that the bags have special holes that allow ventilation. If they are absent, it is better to put the potting mix in a dry place. The best option is a barn.

If you plan to store loose potting soil, you can lay it out on top of the tarp, then cover it with another layer of tarp. Even despite precipitation, the potting soil remains dry. After all, tarpaulin is considered a moisture-resistant material. Leave the edges loose a little.

This is necessary so that the air can easily circulate under the tarp and pass through the ground. If you store the earth in bags, you should make sure that it is well-ventilated. However, it is best to store it in inexpensive jars or containers made of plastic.

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Wet potting soil in a bag

If the potting soil gets wet inside the bag, harmful components accumulate in it. They may provoke burns on the root system of the plant. Therefore, wet soil should not be stored. It needs to be dried and made loose.

The need to store potting soil correctly

Many people wonder why they need to store potting soil properly. To begin with, the proper storage must maintain sterility conditions. This is a very important requirement that everyone needs to pay attention to. If this is not done, the soil is unsuitable for planting flowers.

If storage is not carried out in a dry place, the potting soil absorbs moisture from the air. This is not to say that this is a bad situation. However, the moisture is fraught with the fact that the soil is no longer sterile.

It is always convenient when the potting soil for planting is at hand. You won’t have to buy it in the future and spend money.

You need to buy soil in winter if planting is planned in the spring. After all, it still needs to be prepared. However, in winter it is problematic to find high-quality soil.

This is because the season comes only when the heat comes. Therefore, store owners try to buy goods only in the spring to increase their profits.

What to do if a problem is found?

Unforeseen situations often occur when the potting soil is stored. Periodically, you can notice the presence of insects, bacteria, and fungi that have somehow leaked into the bag or container. Also, children can play and accidentally damage the storage container.

Regardless of the situation, you should not be upset. There is always an opportunity to fix things.

If you notice parasites inside, just place the soil bag in a compost heap. The potting mix well with it and is suitable as a fertilizer for plants.

Adding to compost and other ideas

Don’t be afraid to add potting soil to your compost. After all, nothing too dangerous happened to it, so there is no harm to the lawn or garden plants.

You can pour the earth that the children accidentally scattered into a small fenced area.

So, you form a place for children’s games.

You can additionally purchase special toys for children in the form of dump trucks, excavators, and carts to simulate a construction site.

As you can see, it is not necessary to throw away spoiled potting soil. It always comes in handy for you.

How long can you store potting soil?

If the bags are already opened, but the primer has not been used, its shelf life is 6-12 months. If the packages have been closed, then potting soil stored for up to 2 years.

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As you can see, there is nothing difficult in storing potting soil. The main thing is to properly prepare it and choose airtight containers.

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